Ongoing legal assistance

Ignorance of the law harms

Ignorantia iuris nocet

Whoever runs a business, has to abide by the laws in force. Unfortunately, in the event of breaking them, it is no use arguing ignorance. To avoid such a scenario, we suggest taking advantage of ongoing legal assistance service provided by our Office.

It is addressed to Clients running commercial law companies and partnerships as well as to the entrepreneurs running civil law partnerships and to sole traders. We operate in Katowice but also in other cities, depending of our Clients’ needs. The ongoing legal assistance offered by our Law Office includes, among others, the following:

Our Office is open to a variety of cooperation forms as we are committed to delivering solutions tailored perfectly to your specific needs. We can provide our legal services in a number of ways, depending on whether you prefer face to face contact, communication over the telephone, or e-mail correspondence.

We also have a dedicated IT system which facilitates our work for Clients and ensures high quality of our services. Every order we receive order is immediately registered and assigned a deadline within that system. It allows us to act promptly and reliably to guarantee professional legal services to our Clients.

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